This is the best stuff ever. No other pre workout can even come close.

-Jake Paul (MMA FIGHTER)
I have never been a fan of Pre Workouts because most of them give me the jitters and give me stomach pain.  But a friend insisted that I try this before my workout and I am hooked.  Energy was great and Pump was amazing.  Great stuff!

Nate Plummer
NO Shock has given me ample gym pumps without feeling overly stimulated. There is no crash following my workouts - I am able to go strait from the gym, to the tennis courts, and then back to work without crashing. I would recommend this to anyone looking to bump their workout to the next level!"

-Nate Plummer
"I LOVE my workouts when i'm using this product. NO Shock really gives me the energy and focus I need to do my high-intensity circuit trainings and a ridiculous pump during my weight training. The taste of this product is one of the biggest factors that sets NO Shock apart from anything else. love it."

-karlee Hoskins

- 2006 first overall Figure Northern States NGA
- 1st place Bikini Nutrimart Classic NPC 2010
- 6th Place NPC USA Las Vegas
- 1st place Bikini Short First place Overall Nutrimart Classic 2011
- 1st Place Short 1st place overall Northern States Bikini NGA
- 1st place overall Bikini Western States NGA

"NO Shock is the perfect product for serious athletes.  The pump and focus that it provides for every workout help to push me to the next level.  I can feel it every time that I am in the gym because there are no fillers or unnecessary ingredients.  Everything in NO Shock has been lab proven to get the results that you are looking for."

-Matthew Hoskins

- First place 2007 Light Weight NGA Utah
- First Place Light Weight and First place overall Northern States NGA.

I have been taking NO Shock for almost two weeks and love the results. I have taken a lot of different types of pre-workouts in the past always looking for the one that makes me an animal at the gym and gives me the energy to push it. Well I have found the one that does just that plus more. At the gym I would always get about ½ way to ¾ way through the workout and start to tire out and have to lower my weight and reps. Now I don’t want to stop working out and my weight stays up where I start and I increase my reps. I even add a couple more sets to some workouts because I can just keep going. The best part is when you’re done and you feel like Arnold. You are pumped beyond belief and
want to get back in to the gym and do it all over again. If you want to push it hard and get beyond those tired slumps you need NO Shock. Feel the pump and you won’t regret!

Jared Venz
“N.O. SHOCK gives me the blood flow to my muscles that I’ve been waiting for.  Finally a pre-workout with a pump.”

-Jane Meyer
This stuff is Sick! Overall the best pre workout I have ever had.  1st day on Shock and I love it.  I don’t think I will be able to sleep tonight it works so well.  Energy and Pump is great.  I had so much energy I was pacing between sets.

-Trent  F.
Since taking NO SHOCK I have felt great and received the most gains from NO SHOCK in the last two weeks than I ever have from any other Pre work out. I love my work outs and my rapid recovery. I experienced increased
strength and the ability to work out with more reps and better pumps. this is a amazing product and I recommend NO SHOCK to any one who is looking for gains and sustained energy.

-Kenny Thomson
I am a 66 year old Body Builder. I work out hard and NO SHOCK is a big help. I could tell right off not only in weights but cardio warm up also. It really surprised me when one of my friends said where did you get them biceps? Surprised myself as well when I looked at what he was looking at. I had a good pump, actually better than good. Remember these other guys are half my age and I am lifting more than
them. Thanks NO SHOCK.

-David Rogers 66
NO Shock has helped me achieve a lean but strong healthy muscle tissue and the progress has been quicker than any other supplement that has been or ever will be on the market.

-Dave Sparks